Case studies


Creating powerful
Visual experiences.



“Superb job done to a tight deadline – definitely recommended! „

—Bowery Sports


“CG Creators team is amazing! They have the heart of an artist and the skills of a master technician. They are creative enough to improvise on his own, but also understands the directions and goals of a client.”

“The final product is everything we imagined, and more! The team delivers with the quality you expect, and then some! „
—Nathan Patrick

“CG Creators really came through for us on this project. It was a complex animation with lost of custom rendered objects, lighting, and product focuses, that all had to be perfect. They nailed it, and were very accommodating to our demands.”

“They delivered a polished, professional product that you’d be hard to beat at a production house costing 10x. I will use them again in the future and HIGHLY recommend! „
—Jeff Bowling
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